April 02, 2006

Chelski or Manure?

We have to admit, that despite the valiant efforts of El Liverpool, Totingham, Bolt-On, The Arse and The Toon, the 05/06 Premiership Season is basically shot. Chelski has basically bought (opps!), I mean, won it... Old Hairdryer and his team could theoretically win it. Chelski has difficult games coming up, so... There is still hope, no matter how dim.
09 April: Chelski vs Hammers
15 April: Bolton vs Chelski
17 April: Chelski vs Better Blue half of Liverpool
22 April: Chelski vs El Liverpool (FA Cup)
29 April: Chelski vs Manure (WOW!)
07 May: Toon vs Chelski
Considering how things went last night on the EPL, I though that it would be interesting to see which team is hated more - The Blues or The Reds.

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