April 15, 2006

no difference

A minor setback.

Chelsea will lose to Bolton and Blackburn and the great ManyooTM

We will still win the fucking league.

But never mind all that. This is my post and I can deflect all our problems away by concentrating on other stuffs (very much like what politicians worldwide do actually).

My quote of the week goes to Djibril Cisse:

"Here at Liverpool it's Stevie G who teases me about my clothes. Sometimes I go to the showers, and when I come back he's wearing my clothes. I have funny underwear, like zebra print, so he puts on my underpants and walks around the dressing room" - Djibril Cisse reveals Stevie G is part of the gay club.
I don't know about you guys, but I won't be caught dead wearing another blokes underpants, never mind zebra ones.

And so, a poll would be fitting!

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