April 25, 2006

Karma-nd get some!

Fine fine... Karma, or Mr. K as antyyk puts it, is a bitch no less. But what to do. I guess what goes around comes around eh?

The Spurs match aside, I'm afraid karma might bite us in the rear tonight in the form of the keeper, Sebastian Viera. If you recall, we almost signed him until he failed his medical due to a cyst in his hip. Apparently, upon further inspection the cyst was there since birth and did not affect his football at all...

But then again, had we signed Viera, Pak Leman would most probably not be in his current form and the No. 1 for Germany... So, well done, Gary Lewin!

Still, I'm taking no chances. Before anything short of Kelvin Davis happens tonight, here is my offering to karma: -

Sorry la... I cannot take alcohol... At least got choice between sirap limau or bandung...

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