April 19, 2006

FA Cup Semi Finals

For once, there will be a Hantu Bola gathering on a Saturday night. Woohoo!

Come on over and watch the FA Cup semis at the palace of cheap corkage and multi-cuisine menu, as Chelsea battle with Liverpool for a place in the final. You know want to. Yes you do.

Date: Saturday, 22nd April 2006
Venue: Souled Out
Kick-Off: Midnight

Will Kewell run like a little girl? Will Terry get his nuts groped by Garcia? Will Cisse be wearing leopard-print undies? Will Lampard score off Hyppia's shin?

All these questions and more will be answered this weekend.

Yes, yes, technically the match will be telecast on Sunday morning; but I'm sure everyone gets the idea, no? Youse might want to keep Saturday 29th April free too, as there might be another Hantu Bola gathering to watch Chelsea vs ManYoo.

I've been told that the guest of honour for this weekend's gathering is a bottle of Chivas. At this rate, we might need to rename Hantu Bola to Mabuk Bola. Teetotalers should not fret though; soft drinks are always available, and nobody will accuse you of being a Tottenham fan if you decide to stay sober.

See you there!

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