April 03, 2006

optimism, not stupidity

Tigerjoe wagered me two pints of beer that our favourite club would win the league. I politely declined, for I figured he has a great big advantage and only an idiot in my position would take up a wager in that situation. Nevertheless, I SHALL take him up on it if we beat the non-issue and Chelsea lets Teddy Sheringham create history by actually scoring - something that Liverpool strikers would do well to emulate.

But heck, we are pretty unlucky with the non-issue. We seem to be playing them when they are on form, and not their shitty selves. Still, the non-issue aside, it is actually interesting to wonder who the Scousers are actually supporting. For me, I would rather Chelsea win the treble than to see Liverpool lift the Community Shield, and I think that feeling is pretty much mutual.

But less I get a huge apple pie thrown in my face on Sunday by that fat bitch called Karma, I should probably stop mocking other teams and concentrate on other matters. Like, a poll for instance. Polls are fun:

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

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