April 06, 2006

short snippets

I remember sitting in Souled Out a few weeks ago with Tigerjoe watching the Arsenal Liverpool game and we were talking about Manyoo's shirt sponsorship deal. We actually thought they had agreed the deal with an Indonesian online gaming company of some sorts.

Nevertheless, I am happy that the Yanks realised that the corporate image of Manyoo was more important than money. Mansion were offering much much more than AIG, yet due to the branding associated with gambling, I don't think many people would have warmed up to them.

It's been a good week for us. Besides being on the road to winning the league this season, we have also smashed a big apple pie in Peter Kenyon's fat chubby face because our £56.4 million pound over a period of 4 years does nothing but PWNS Chelski's £10 million pound a year deal.

All that aside, it looks like another Mickey Mouse club would be playing in the finals of the Champions League again this year and possibly winning it too. Plenty of similarities too. The captains were supposed to leave a shitty club but now it appears not. Both clubs only have 2 English players that can actually play football and both were playing shit in the league.

The only difference is that Arsenal are actually improving now, whereelse Liverpool were still crap in the league this time last year. Of course, Arsenal remain a non-issue, and a pissy one too for they have played Chelsea two times this season and were in shitty form at that time.

Karma is a stupid fat bitch, so I am going to throw all caution into the wind and quote the famous Alan Hanson "You can't win anything with kids."

Bold prediction of the week : Van Nistelrooy comes off the bench and scores two, while Henry being his usual self, would play like shit in a big game against Manyoo.

We are thinking of a HantuBola thingy on Sunday when Manyoo play the Arse at Old Trafford. It is now officially spring and kickoff is now at 11pm local time so you can be back home by 1am. No excuses of having to work the next morning alright?!

Anybody game?

Location will be confirmed later based on feedback and suggestions....

Email me if you want to come along - bitchinglog@hotmail.com

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