April 09, 2006

mister k, i rove youse

Middlesbrough 1 : Newcastle 2

Hehehehehe. I being the very is so the happy!
Here's your drink. Cheers mister k!

Same deal next week. Hic!


Manure vs The Arse Update (1st Half)

On another note. Kolo Toure should be really proud of himself. He made one of the saves of the season! The shot from Rooney left his boot like an exocet missile. Toure recovered and dove to his right and SAVED THE SHOT! Wahlau... I was laughing like a nutter at the curses and complaints of the Manure fans around me. There was much gnashing of teeth around me. I can imagine Vincent's face now. Cheers Toure! A drink for you too for entertaining me and making me fall off my chair laughing!

Manure vs The Arse Update (2nd Half)

2 Nil. Rooney show. Ho hum... The Arse huffed and puffed, then ran out of steam. Sigh. I'm going to bed.


(Footnote by Eyeris: Wow, this may actually be the first time ever we've had a 'live update'. Soccernet and Professional Football Punditry here we come!)

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