April 27, 2006

Arsa vs Barca / Luis vs Mullins

(Image of Barcelona's group hug taken from Soccernet)

Barcelona 0 - 0 Milan (Agg: 1 - 0)

So, it's really gona be Arsa vs Barca. Should be an intriguing final, Henry vs Ronaldinho, Fabregas vs Deco, Eto'o vs er... Adebayor...

And I suppose Dennis Bergkamp's gonna take the train over to Paris eh?


On another note, THIS happened last night as well:

(Image of the EPL Super-lightweight matchup taken from Soccernet)

West Ham 1 - 2 Liverpool
Premiership: Hayden Mullins and Luis Garcia will miss the FA Cup final after being sent off in this dry run. (Guardian Football)

Red-card duo face anxious wait
Hayden Mullins and Luis Garcia are almost certain to miss the FA Cup final after both players were sent off for violent conduct nine minutes from time in Liverpool's Premiership victory over West Ham. (Soccernet)

GREAT. Just what we needed. A player suspended for the final for fighting.

The idiot. He was rested so he can play in the final, and only sent on in the 80th minute. And what does he do? He gets into a boxing match within two minutes....

To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I'm happy or not that Luis Garcia is missing the final. The fella gives the ball away more than Traore (ok, ALMOST more than Traore), tends to dribble too much (like that Manure Crybaby), and misses damn a lot of sitters.

But then again, he also scores damn a lot of important goals for Liverpool (especially in Semi-final matchups with Chelski)...

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