April 24, 2006

Jol never be as good as them! (get it? Jol.. You'll...)

So now that is done and dusted (and hopefully you guys saw the highlights, since the Arsenal game was too "insignificant" for you lot), I have to say that Martin Jol is a crappy liar.

Vincent's post insists that managers talk shit most of the time. I couldn't agree more, but at least Moanrinho, Fergie and Wenger pandai cover.

When Wenger "didn't see it", there is no evidence to support him seeing or not seeing it, hence giving him the benefit of the doubt.

In Jol's case, his claims of "not seeing the incident" were refuted by Sky Sports' recording of him screaming "play it!" three times while Carrick had the ball.. Aisey... Tak pandai cover lah lu, botak...

Although I'm not saying that Spurs were obligated to play the ball out, what's disappointing is that it was the manager who instigated the whole run up to the goal and chose to wash his hands clean from it.

So typical Tottenscum.

No doubt, they were the better team that day, but considering they had all the chances to put the game away, it shows their lack of class by resorting to score in that manner to win the game. Oops, I mean, TRY to win the game.

p/s: Doesn't Martin Jol look like the drummer from The Monkees?

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