January 23, 2008

By Demand: The Versatility of Bramble..... the word... not the player...

As requested by Vincent and Eyeris, we at Hantubola are not only in the business at providing you excellant football er... news... - but also to educate our loyal readers (yes, all six of you). As they say, learning is an ongoing process so today, we will explore further up the ars-I mean-... further up on the word "bramble".

bram - ble [bram-buhl] verb, -bled, - bling

1. To screw up badly (and we do mean badly) in any given situation: He brambled up big time.

2. To be substitued with any word describing any negativity in any way.

Still a bit hazy on the usage? Well the brambleness of bramble does have a tendency to leave people perplexed and speechless at times. Ah saw what I did? I gave you an example of the usage within my prose.

Perhaps its best if I showed you more examples on how to use bramble. The first three was discussed in an earlier lesson: -

1)I thought I scored a goal, but then I realised I brambled it into my own net.

2) The coach was mighty pissed, as the defender had been brambling the past thirty games in a row.

3) Owen missed another sitter from 2 yards out. Needless to say, he made a bramble out of the situation.

4) (In commentary) "Fabregas puts in a cross, the keeper comes out and flaps at it! Adebayor with an open goalllll... OH NO!! He brambled at the open goal!!


Ah, but use of bramble is not only confined to football lingo. Its versatiliy means that it can be used in everyday language. Some examples:-

1 )To describe one's ample prosterior: -
My arse is soooo bramble. (As lily pointed out rightfully)

2) To describe one's actions: -
The brambility of Bush's decision to run for a third campaign shows what a big bramble he is.

3) When ticking of a subordinate
Your brambling has caused the company millions. I have never seen such brambility in my life!!

4) To describe an embarassing situation
I was so nervous on my first date that I brambled my pants.

5) To describe a person
After failing his undang-undang road test for the 37th time, he is confirmed a brambler.

Well that's all for today's lesson. Do share with us some more examples where you can bramble up the English language by using the word bramble.

Now bramble off!!

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