May 03, 2010

on a similar note...

Ironic story of the day:


Roma president Rosella Sensi has hit out at the manner of Lazio's defeat by Inter Milan on Sunday.

The 2-0 win allowed Inter to take a two-point lead at the top of Serie A ahead of Lazio's bitter rivals with two games remaining.

"After what we saw at the Olimpico, to call ours the most beautiful league in the world is a paradox," Sensi told Gazzetta della Sport.

"I would be ashamed to win that way."

A section of Lazio fans cheered both of Inter's goals as they damaged Roma's title chances.

Roma director Gian Paolo Montali added: "I never thought my eyes would see what they have seen this time.

"I believe Inter and their coach were embarrassed, it was nothing to do with them.

"It was only Lazio that lost, but Italian football."

I don't believe the conspiracy theories out there. I don't think Steven Gerrard meant to gift Chelsea that goal. I think he just Brambled Up, just as he has been doing all season long, just as he gifted Arsenal and France goals in the past through similarly stupid passes.

But I shall say this to the Liverpool fans who were actually happy about the defeat. To the Liverpool fans who actually think their captain intentionally threw the game in front of their home crowd. If you believe that is what happened, then your club is really FUBAR, and I extend my condolences to you.

What I also cannot understand is how you people can keep blaming the owners when quite simply the problem lies with the fat Spanish bloke. Everybody knows that Kalou (even though his hairstyle makes him look like a retard) has been in awesome form on the left in the last few months. And armed with that knowledge, he puts fucking Mashimaro at right back to face both Kalou AND Cashley Cole! And after the first 20 minutes when it was clear that Mashimaro is a silly Japanese toy and NOT a fucking right back, he still doesn't put anybody to cover the right wing!

I hope Rafa stays. With him, you'll never win the league again.

I don't think Manyoo lost the league tonight. Some people mentioned the loss to Burnley - I also don't point directly at that. The league is won or lost over a collective 38 games. Whoever has the most points deserves it. It really is quite so simple...


Lily G said...

Rafa thinks the way Carra speaks. Indecipherable.

KY said...

and MU fans should take care of their own business over the season instead of asking liverpool to bail them out this late in the season. bleh

syahid said...

aiyoh. masch play because nobody else can play there la.

vincent said...


Didn't he put Phil Degen on the bench? Granted he isn't that awesome, but surely better than playing a midfielder out of position?

And let's even say that it was the right move - why didn't he do anything for extra cover when it was quite obvious after 20 mins that Kalou, Malouda and Cole were clearly swarming him?

syahid said...

aiyoh. degen is shit too as right back. masch played that position several times before and performs better. that's why.

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