October 18, 2010

Fuck this shit... Send in the lawyers!


C'mon Roy, you can't SERIOUSLY think this was the 'best performance' so far? If you really do, then you are CLEARLY out of your depth.

70 minutes in, 2-0 down, and you STILL don't make any changes? WTF!

Lucas: Crap. Worse than George's Star Wars prequels
Maxi: Is that a maxi dress you're wearing? Because you play like a PUSSY.
Mereles: Stop shooting from 40 yards out you bloody fool.
Torres: Not strong enough to play lone striker (look at Yakubu)
Gerrard: ran a lot, couldn't do much
Carra: Definitely not an attacking wing-back.
Konchesky: Crap. At least Insua could run fast.
Reina, Skrtel & Kyrikos Kebab: Without them we'd have lost 5-0.
Joe Cole: He was playing?

Enough is enough. At this rate we might as well get rid of the ENTIRE first team and play the juniors instead. At least THEY would actually make an EFFORT.

Or as a friend put it: "Put on the Liverpool lawyers instead. At least THEY'VE got a lot more fight in them than THIS lot."


spiller said...

I so wanted to slap this RH's face. He looked fuckin clueless KNNCCB.

Stop playing Joe Cole and use Ngog to help Torres already!

One of the tweets:
"Congrats to RH for bringing LFC to #19 before Man Utd."

I know. Sakit hati.

Unknown said...

Eh eh, people complaining about Joe Cole. And Chelsea were supposed to have made the "mistake" of not renewing his contract. Hehehe...

Raul Meireles is like an imitation product. Youse should not have sold Mascherano. Or Xabi Alonso.

Sunil said...

At Liverpool airport, statue of John Lennon reads "ABOVE US,ONLY SKY"
Someone has written next to it - "BELOW US ONLY WEST HAM"

Cibai betul.

"Boston Red Sox coach lasted 7 days after John Henry took over in 2001"

Can we hope for the same?

vincent said...

I was told that Meire in Tamil is 'pubic hair'

Meireless.......well, hahahaahahah

KY said...

LOL so tragicccc

Fucte said...

first the the 2 muppet owners, then the manager. those liverpool players need to be given more responsibilty. cause when they play, it seems that they dont even care. give them some sticks, looks like they all get off the hook for the dismal position liverpool are in. whatever the problem is, the players should have perform much much better. ktbffh

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