December 30, 2010


Malaysia clinches victory at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

WHOA now THAT'S what I call a happy feeling.

The whole team actually played like an EPL team. Khairul Fahmi's penalty save, Kunalan's tireless running, the super-young backline, Safiq, Safee, Shairul... EVERYONE played their part!

WELL DONE BOYS! But don't let it get to your heads, boys, there's a long way to go. And all you bandwagon-jumping politicians, don't kacau-kacau ok? Leave the football to KING RAJABGOBAL!


Ni baru ASEAN. Next stop, Asia!


KY said...

it takes this much to see an update here? lol

love live hantubola!!!!

tigerjoe said...

The malay tabloids have the best headlines today:

Kosmo: "Garuda patah sayap"
Harian Metro: "Garuda makan asap"

We are the champions... of ASEAN!!!

Lily G said...


Ed The Red said...

an apt headline should be harimau baham garuda...hopefully this is just a beginning to something great

yat said...

rajagobal or rajagopal?

spiller said...

most importantly thanks for the holiday LOL

Shah Alam Dude said...

great play and great support too. hopefully it will change many 'odd' perceptions toward Malaysian team.

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