June 05, 2010

Tara Rafa

Thank you for going all the way to the England training camp to persuade Stevie not to go Chelsea and to tell Carra how much he is valued.

Thank you for telling Djimi to go take a shower during the half time at Istanbul.

Thank you for GOD's Second Coming

Thank you for the F.A Cup.

Thank you for the Charity Shield

The ugly tries harder

Thank you for Athens.

Thank you for Rosy Cheeks.

Thank you for praying for the club.

I have to admit I'm not your most loyal fan. Many times I was frustrated by your actions. I'm feeling ambivalent about you leaving though. And I can't just let you go without saying goodbye.

I know you thought you did your best. Look how much 6 years have changed you. Was it emotional eating, Rafa?

Thank you Rafael Benitez. Best wishes.

Favourite Rafa quote:
"I have to rush to the hospital because (arjen) robben is dying."

p/s: I love your goatee! Honest.


Din said...

Fail lah. Would have preferred him to stay and go even lower down the table next season.

mr singh[bukan shebby] said...

Athens.. apa cerita woi?

Anonymous said...

istanbul lah

vincent said...

dammit, i was hoping that he would stay forever and help manyoo win 19.

hopefully now john barnes will take over, hahahahaha

syahid said...

thanks rafa! and yanks out!!!

eyeris said...

Er. I think Traore played the full 90 in Istanbul. Hamann came on for either Kewell or Finnan think...

Lily G said...

I know Didi came in in the second half and changed the game. But I can't recall who he replaced.

mr singh: At least reach finals mah..can lah.

Lily G said...

eh, you're right lah. Traore played the full 90, or was it 120? Didi replaced Finnan, Smicer replaced that useless Kewell and Cisse replaced Baros.

Bloody hell, since 2005, only Stevie and Carra still with LFC!!

Lily G said...

Okay, this is what happened.I knew I read somewhere Rafa told Djimi to take a shower:

Grandpa Hyppia: Well, actually we did play with ten men only. Steve Finnan had problems with his ankle. He decided to be substituted just in the moment we were about to go out. That’s why Djimi Traore had to stay in even though he should have been substituted. But he already was on his way to the shower! He then put his shoes on quickly and played the entire 120 minutes.

azma azmi said...

wow,even i'm sad that rafa's out

spiller said...

well written Lily. we thank him for few things, but honestly i'd exchange all of those with an EPL title.

adios Rafa. one down 2 more to go.

Anonymous said...

I think it is all because of his goatee. Liverpool hasn't won anything since he grew it. It's a curse I tell ya!