June 21, 2010


Ya know, I really really love the awesome Maxis ads along the highway an on TV that relive the glory of Malaysia qualifying for the Olympic Games way back in 1981 (Unfortunately, Malaysia boycotted the Olympics that year. Sigh).

I especially like the one of Arumugam aka. Spiderman along the NPE in Subang. Awesome ad, that.

But seriously, I think this particular picture PWNs them all:

Mokhtar Dahari and Diego Maradona! Side by side! EEEE BANGGANYAAAA!

(Funnily enough, both their initials consist of the letters D and M. Just saying.)

Taken from someone's FB profile, who also 'stole' it from a friend. Thanks mate! This is freaking AWESOME!


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Giler kool!