August 16, 2007

Men,United Do It Again! Steals Draw Against all Odds at Portsmouth

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Plucky American soccer team Men.United came away with another vital away point against yet another mighty English team - Pottymouth, as they seek to put some distance between them and fellow relegation rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

The Men.United managed to sneak the draw even after losing their star quarterback Christina Ronaldo, who was booked for trying to show Robert Hughes the amount of hair he was losing from the top of his head.

It may be merely two games into the season, but already the club are looking good for survival this season, and are now two points clear of the bottom of the table, occupied by the Tottenham Comedy Club.

In other news, mighty Reading suffered a setback in their title aspirations as lowly Russian team Chelski came from behind to stun the title-favorites 2-1 at the Majedski Stadium. High-flying Sunderland were also pegged back in their pursuit of the title, only managing a draw away to Birmingham despite the fact that the Brum keeper is a dumbass. And Sven Goreng Sony-Erikson continued his return to England by actually getting the City of Men to score in front of their own fans. Several pigs were later seen flying over the stadium in celebration.

Over to Continental football, where the Liverpool Rugby team managed to sneak a 1-0 win over European rugby giants Toulouse, despite a tecnical glitch that forced Liverpool fans in Malaysia to watch dumbass skateboarding home videos on Supersports instead of the match.

Liverpool fan eyeris was spotted ranting at the TV for five minutes before switching over to AXN where CSI:Miami was on. Later after reading the Guardian live updates on the match, he thanked god he didn't have to sit through the match because the live updater seemed more entertained with their resident pet dog and potential Hot Sissoko-on-Sissoko action than the match itself.

Still on the Champion's League, the Arsenal Non-Issues actually managed to score by shooting the ball at the general direction of the goal.

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