August 23, 2007

Paul Beats James and Jens for Calamity Title

You know you've had a REALLY REALLY bad game when...

  • Your mistakes lose you the game even on a night of miracles (Lampard scoring an England goal without a deflection!)
  • You concede more goals in one half than New Calamity Jens did in an entire game.
  • You play so badly that you're replaced by Old Calamity James at half-time.
  • Even Steve "Spineless" McLaren doesn't want to comment on whether he will pick you again.

England 1-2 Germany

Paul Robinson had a night to forget as Germany inflicted a first defeat on England at the new Wembley.

Last Blood at the Old Wembley to Germany.
First Blood at the New Wembley to Germany as well.
How ironic is that?

In other news, Real Madrid buy a bowl of soup for Robben to dive in.

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