August 12, 2007

oh, pening! weekend

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The season proper starts rolling this weekend, and we at Hantu Bola will also be starting the season in our customary fashion.

Which means John Jameson & Son will be there. Which means table-top victory dances. Which means big screen telecasts. Which means taking the piss out of Rafa's new goatee. Which means complaining about Chelsea's new away kit. The only way I would wear that neon green shirt is if I were paid 50k a week. Heh.

The HANTU BOLA Oh, Pening! weekend Mabuk Bola Gathering

Date: Sunday, 12th August 2007
Time: 3pm(ish) until closing
Venue: The Magnificent Fish & Chips Shop (yes, that's its real name)
@ Changkat Bukit Bintang (opp. Frangipani)

Yes, we are starting the party early. Just so the kids who have a curfew can get home before their mommies and daddies send out search parties. Look out for the usual signs. If you don't know what the usual signs are, ask Eyeris or Vincent.

Soft drinks and juices are available too, just so long as you don't finish the mixers all by yourself. Anybody who wants green fanta can cross the street and buy your own from Kiosk. LOL

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