August 13, 2007

Review - Opening Weekend

That was some opening weekend, no?

Home ground advantage didn't seem to count for a lot, as proven by the results. Shebby's favourite team showed that they don't have the spine to deal with Roy Keane's crazy man stare. Al-Liferbul needed a late strike from Captain One-Inch to take all three points. Big Sam let loose Oba-Oba onto his old team, on their home ground. Horny Sven showed that he does know something about managing a football team - at the very least, he seems to know how to manage an away win.

And all that was just on Saturday.

Arsenal cummed from behind (again) to win against Fulham. Al-Shilsi showed that they could ignore defensive duties and just score more goals than their opponents. Oh, and ManYoo put up a solid defensive display against 10-man Reading to gain a point at Old Trafford.

My theory is that Sir Alex thought there would be penalties if the score was tied after ninety minutes. It also looks like the Reading goalie scored 50+ points on fantasy football this weekend. LOL

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