August 09, 2007

mickey mouse cup

Did anybody watch Malaysia vs Bayern Munich just now?

1) Just a thought...Malaysians are good at kampung football right. I mean we have all played football barefoot in a sandy field, right? And the pitch just now sort of replicated those kampung football conditions, right? Awesome, isn't it? We have just found our home advantage. People usually count on the 12th man, but since Malaysians make shitty football fans, we now can count on the 5th element - professional footballers aren't used to playing beach football you know.

2) Is Shebby Singh really our best commentator? Judging by today's commentary by some unknown useless asshole, I would say that yes, Shebby is Malaysia's best pundit and best commentator by far. Unfortunate, but true.

3) Bayern Munich's kids are rubbish. Fans of other European football clubs need not worry. The Germans aren't going to win the Champions League anytime soon. Shitty defence, shitty strikeforce, lucky win.

4) You can say it's only 2-1. Better than 5-0 right? WRONG! This was a piss poor performance with zero discipline in defence and a team of midfielders who, if this is an indication, is going to mess up our national team even further. The only reason the score was kept at 2-1 was because Bayern Munich is actually really horrible. And the way we lost was just sickening. If you haven't seen Munich's second goal, tune in to Sportscentre Malaysia and prepare something hard for you to bash your own head with.

5) What kind of Mickey Mouse tournament changes the rule of football?!?!? Why the fuck was there only 35 minutes in each half?! Are we afraid the kids can't run really far? A bit too hot, is it? Humid? Suck my balls. This is football, not hockey. Football is played 45 minutes, not 35. Bitches..

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