August 15, 2007

Let's All Laugh at Shebby's Team

(Picture taken from Caption was not.)

Tottenham 1-3 Everton

Want to challenge for title konon... HAH!

Naz is right. We need a Spurs Hantu Bola contributer to take the piss out off. It's no fun making fun of a club that has no supporters besides Shebby... hehehe.

Wasn't it just last season that we were laughing at Spurs for buying too many midfielders? What happened to them now? And now they have too many strikers, and not enough (fit) defenders pulak? Apara....

Oh, and I like this quote by rafa benitez:

"I have been unable to persuade FIFA, UEFA, and the Premier League to allow me to use 12 players in every game" - Rafa Benitez

Maybe he used the same lawyer who is still trying to convince Men.United to sell us Heinze....

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