August 13, 2007

situation vacant

Wanted: A Chelsea fan to blog on Hantu Bola

Requirements: The ideal candidate must be a long time Chelsea fan. Knowledge of standard Chelsea chants are mandatory, ability to come up with new chants to piss off Liverpool and Arsenal fans would be advantageous.

Interested applicants should write to hantubola [at] gmail [dot] com. All interested applicants will be given an initiation test to determine suitability. Interested applicants are required to include an answer to the pre-qualifying question below when writing in.

Who is the odd man out in the list below, and why?
a) Ruud Gullit
b) Gianluca Vialli
c) Glenn Hoddle
d) Claudio Ranieri
e) Jose Mourinho


I won't be able to blog very often after the end of this week, which is why it may be a good idea to find another Chelsea fan to take the piss from Rafa's new goatee and the Arsenal Under-19s. LOL

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