August 06, 2007

Because Someone Had To...

Hooray! There's football on weekends again!

And what better way to end your pre-season fixtures and warm up for the WWEPL (featuring hardcore stars like Robbie the Savage, Wayne "The Bull" Rooney; and high-diving stars like Christiano "WHEE!" Ronaldo and Didier "The Dog' Drogba) than with a MASS BRAWL in Holland?

Liverpool friendly boils over into mass brawl

Liverpool's pre-season campaign ended amid astonishing scenes in Rotterdam as six of their players were booked and skipper Steven Gerrard was fortunate not to be sent off.


What? Community Penalty Shield? Let the Chelski and Men.United fellas blog about that.

PS. Malouda's goal was awesome though.
PSS. Does this mean Men.United won't win the league this season?

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