August 20, 2007

let's weep with the scousers


Booohoooo, not a penalty....referee kayu!! Booohoooooo, boohooooooo!

Since there is not much I can say about Manyoo, I should instead laugh at Eyeris...

As usual, SMS chat logs are of the essense:

22.25pm Eyeris to Vincent: Ha-ha!
22.26pm Vincent to Eyeris: Mahai unlucky like shit okay. That karma bitch better deliver later.
22.50pm Eyeris to Vincent: Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
22.55pm Vincent to Eyeris: You're laughing too early. Your game not yet start.

So here we go now...


You would have thought that after years of experience, these Scousers would know better than to mock somebody before their game started, eh?

But stop moaning guys have it good. Moan moan moan only clever. Fucking hell Manyoo damn fucking unlucky okay. Fuck you all la. Nobody has had it any worse than us.

Firstly ALL our new signings we not fit or not entirely fit to start the new season. Neither was our captain. Then in the first game some mediocre player broke our star striker's leg. So out of the FOUR strikers that we have, we have THREE out injured and ONE half-fit due to the FUCKING FA screwing up his transfer (humour me this - why was Mascherano's transfer conducted so easily without the hassle?)

In the second game, another mediocre piece of shit fell to the ground when our star winger's head touched him, and then rolled around like he was going to die. Later after the game, he would say that it was not really a headbutt and that he had experienced worse (which proves that the fucker was playacting, and the FA being usual tossers did NOTHING about it).

For THREE games straight we played against THREE teams who had NO INTENTION of winning the game. The game against Manchester Shitty was the worse. They had one fucking shot the whole game and it DEFLECTED in for a goal.

So, yeah, boohoo scousers. Chelsea got a penalty they shouldn't have got. Boo-fucking-hoo. You weren't complaining when Gerrard dived to get that late free kick against Villa, were you?


A little footnote from TJ:

Today's Fiver makes an interesting observation.

The Liverpool captain hasn't stopped bemoaning the fact that a "very, very unfair decision got Chelsea a point ... there was a lot of pressure from Chelsea players and, eventually, Styles cracked." Gerrard is absolutely right of course. As he was last week, when he savaged Aston Villa players for moaning about the free-kick that led to Liverpool's late goal. "Villa shouldn't be moaning about the decision ... these things even themselves out over the course of the season," pointed out Mystic Meg of Merseyside. The referee on both occasions? Rob Styles.

Karma is a real bitch, isn't she?

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