August 02, 2007

why shebby sucks

The new season is upon us, and I'm sure there will be new fans this year who are just learning to appreciate the sport.

Just like how there were new football fans learning to sing that pondan-fied song some time during the third week of May in 2005.

In any case, here is a little bit of football trivia for all the new (and old) fans.

Three reasons why Shebby sucks:

  1. For celebrating that mis-kicked cross during the 1989 Malaysia Cup final, as if he really did mean to lob Ahmad Sobri.
  2. For pretending to know what Sir Alex / Jose Mourinho / Arsene Wenger are thinking.
  3. For being a Totty-Spurs fan.

In case anyone is interested, the HB group on Yahoo! Fantasy Football has been opened for the coming season.

Group ID: 8267
PW: shebbysux

Uncle need to take a nap now.

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