August 28, 2007

Does This Mean We Don't Suck After All?

(picture from Star Online)

Malaysia make it to final

Striker Safee Sali scored two goals to help Malaysia beat Singapore 3-1 in the semi-finals of the 39th Merdeka Tournament at the MBPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya here last night.

So.... does this mean that:

  • We don't suck after all?
  • That Malaysian football is on the rise again?
  • That everything is all good after all?
  • That we should not have gotten so paranoid after becoming the worse team in the Asia Cup?
  • That our home-grown kids are better than those blasted Singaporeans?
  • That the FAM politicians get to keep their posts?
  • That the people who resigned their FAM posts get to come back?
  • That all plans to improve Malaysian football can now be scrapped because "See? We are in Merdeka Tournament final, we rock after all, everyone should support us"?
Somehow I don't think so.

Let's just wait for the headlines after we beat/get thrash by Myanmar. Should be interesting to see what the politicians say then.

Footnote by Vincent:

What the fuck is wrong with you Malaysians?!? I have been reading blogs and heard people saying that they DON'T WANT Malaysia to win. Apparently the win will make us complacent and make the politicians/FAM think they are doing a good job.


Lose also cannot. Win also cannot.

Fuck if I give a shit about the politicians. I want OUR TEAM to win something can?! You have to build a team around success. Motivate the players. Let them taste success and then make them hungry for more.

Fuck you and your personal political agendas. I don't give a shit about the politicians and the FAM. Everybody knows they are idiots. But you do your job and support your team for once, can!?!?


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