May 09, 2007

Football Association of Morons

So the Men.United are not coming to KL.


Deal with it. Sure, I understand that you wanna see your favorite team in person. I would be disappointed too, if Liverpool were supposed to come here and cancelled as well. Who wouldn't?

HOWEVER, The way all you idiots are going on and on about how it's like the end of the world that your CHAMPIONS of ENGLAND are not coming to MALAYSIA is pathetic. It's like you were born in bloody MANCHESTER or something.

Besides, it's not like you're gonna be sharing a pint with them in your local pub, playing chess with Ryan Giggs in your living room, having a kickabout with Paul Scholes, or going diving with Ronaldo, or introducing your granny to Wayne Rooney; if they came here.

No, you're only gonna be paying a bucketload of money to WATCH them from afar, thrashing your OWN national team without even raising a sweat. And knowing the morons that football fans in Malaysia are, you'll probably be cheering for MEN.UNITED instead of your own national team.

And you, FAM, are the biggest idiots of all. AFC complain then only you start fucking THINKING is it?

FA of Malaysia bow to pressure

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) have caved in to pressure from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and ruled Manchester United out of playing in the country in July, throwing their Asian tour into chaos.

No wonder lar the AFC guy was saying this here:

Countries bidding to host the 2011 Asian Cup must guarantee government support or face swift elimination, AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam said.


“They need to guarantee government support of the event as well as ensure proper infrastructure and security. The country’s national association must also show an eagerness to organise the tournament efficiently.”

His call came just two months before the start of the 2007 Finals, which are co-hosted by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and have been beset by problems over the past three years.

At various stages, the status of Malaysia and Thailand as hosts have been called into question because of a perceived lack of interest from their respective governments.

Where the fuck are your PRIORITIES? You're more concerned with hosting a fucking EPL team than with promoting a tournament that YOU are co-hosting, and one that would have directly more impact to the MALAYSIAN NATIONAL TEAM?

Then there is this one particular MORON:

“As a Malaysian I’m surprised. It is out of tune for people to dictate to us how we celebrate our 50 years of independence,” he said, referring to the United game, which is also part of the “Visit Malaysia 2007” campaign.

FUCK YOU. You call yourself a MALAYSIAN ar???

Frankly, to paraphrase you, as a Malaysian, I'm APPALLED. It is out of tune for YOU to dictate and assume that all Malaysians would want to celebrate our 50 years of independence by paying good money to watch a team of overpaid, spoiled footballers embarassing the shit out of OUR national team.


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