May 12, 2007

The Juice, take three

Did you hear any noise from the AFC about this particular juice?

Barclays and Premier League Head East

The Premier League have announced the third Barclays Asia Trophy is to be held in Hong Kong in partnership with the Hong Kong FA.

The 2007/08 season curtain-raiser tournament, which Barclays are sponsoring for the first time, features Liverpool, Portsmouth, Fulham and the winner of the Hong Kong FA Cup competing in the 40,000 capacity Hong Kong Stadium.

The Barclays Asia Trophy sees two double-headers played on July 24 and 27, with all matches screened locally by now TV and in the UK by Sky Sports.


Asian Cup, anybody?

Manchester United 'stealing' Asian money?

Evil white men stealing the show from the poor little Asian?

But the most important question: Why hasn't Mohamed bin Hammam, talked or even 'slammed Liverpool, Fulham, Pompey and the Premier League' as being 'disrespectful'??

AFC President slams 'disrespectful' Man Utd

AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam on Monday launched a stinging attack on Manchester United, calling them "disrespectful" and demanding they cancel their Asian tour.

The pre-season commercial tour in July clashes with the Asian Cup finals, prompting bin Hamman to suggest the new Premier League champions put something back into Asian football instead of grabbing its money.

"Cancel your tour -- this is the message on behalf of the whole Asian football family, all our players, our coaches," he said in response to AFP questions on the sidelines of the Asian Football Confederation Congress here.

"It is disrespectful. This is not the solidarity we expect from the football family.

"We expect Manchester United to look for something more than money. Asia is giving them so much money during the on-season. One month every four years and they cannot spare it to not play in Asia?"

But before any of you go on and on about how it is being played in Malaysia and all that brouhaha, go back up and read his quotes. He didn't say to Manyoo, "Cancel the Malaysian leg of the tour." Quite simply, he said to Manyoo, "Cancel your whole damn tour."


And the other tournament going on at EXACTLY the same time...that's alright, I suppose?!? Fuckin' double standards, innit? Sure, he can't ask the Hong Kong FA to ban the tournament, but surely just a little critisism is warranted if that is the way he feels?

This is sounding more and more sickening by the minute. Every single piece of news that comes in only goes to show that that Mohamed bin Hammam bloke has some sort of personal vendetta against Manyoo and the FAM.

But seriously, FUCK it.

Some IDIOTS who call themselves Malaysian have vowed to boycott the tournament. I say, don't be a moron.

As a Malaysian, my responsibility and loyalty lies with the national team. And as such, my only interest in the tournament goes as far as my national team. Once we are out, I will stop watching the tournament organised by that Mickey Mouse organisation.

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