May 26, 2007

the liverpool stealers soccer team


It's me again!

*friendly wave*

I am sorry to have dissapointed you. I know you were all looking forward to me posting a real gloating post last night. See, I wanted to compile all the comments that some of you have made over the last one month or so, and shove it up your Pool-chute.

But then, I got busy with other more pressing stuff (like my own blog) and doing that today would be just bitter because the excitement has died down (mine, not yours, I am sure you guys are still chuffed that you made it to the finals - pretty huge achievement to an otherwise hollow season).

Anyway, like a good football fan, I happened to be reading the news a lot yesterday and today, and in particular about the crowd trouble. No, I don't really give a shit who you think was to blame. But what struck me was a very true reoccuring fact.

Some Liverpool fans stole valid tickets from other Liverpool fans! They actually snatched the tickets out of their fellow Scousers! Fucking thieves, I tells ya! But then again, what did you expect from a city of people who STEAL HUBCAPS?!?

Oooh, and funny joke I read from Football365:

What does Olivia Newton John and Liverpool have in common?
They were both fucked in Grease.

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