May 07, 2007

Ok, Liverpool, No need to give chance oledi ok?

As much as I hate to admit it, yes, Men.United are worthy champions this season. They've played well, held their own fair share of luck (and non-given penalties), and have kept it up throughout the entire season.

It's Chelski's own fault for losing the title. Men.United gave them TWO lifelines the past month (especially after losing to Pottymouth) to catch up, and they blew it.

So, what have we learnt from all this?

  1. STUPID England fans should shut up and stop booing Men.United players after they've been villified in the World Cup
  2. 30 million pound strikers won't get you league titles if your defence has players like Bolalose.
  3. Don't try to win quadraples. It's too tiring. Try for Trebles instead and at the very least you might get a double.
  4. Don't count on a team with TWO former Men.United players to beat them, even if said team is already two goals up
Ok Liverpool, now that we've given them the decade or so to make up for lost time from mucking around the 2nd division in the 60's (or was it the 70s?), and sportingly allowing them to catch up on their league titles tally, lets make sure next season that they continue playing catch-up for at least a few more years, shall we?

No more giving chance oledi ok?

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