May 30, 2007

Hantu Bola Post-Season Awards! Give Us Your Nominations!

We now interupt your annual post-EPL slumber for a Hantu Bola post.


You see, we were supposed to come up with a End of the Season awards thingy, but so far, none of us have been able to muster the willpower to compile all the contributers' nominations and awards.

Oh we DO have several categories set already, thanks to the last end season awards HERE, but this time aruond, none of us seem to be bothered to do it again.

So the task once again falls to.... no not me.

I can't be bothered either.

What I AM gonna do now is to post the following categories, and allow YOU, yes YOU the reader of this irreverant and irrelevant blog to decide who should the awards go to.

Which is another way of letting other people do our dirty work, but hey, who said we at Hantu Bola played clean anyway?

On with the categories then... just post your nominations in the comments please tralala.

  1. The Wenger "I Didn't See It" Award
  2. The Chop Souey Award for Worst Manager
  3. The Henchoz Award for Best Goalkeeping by an Outfield Player
  4. The Gary Neville Volleyball Player of the Year Award
  5. The Fu Mingxia Award for Best Diver
  6. The Lampard Award for Deflection of the Season
  7. The Alexi Lalas Award for Worst Hairstyle
  8. The Gui'varch Award for Best Name with an Apostrophe
  9. The Carroll-Garcia Award for Most Controversial Non-Goal
  10. The Winston Bogarde Bench-Warming Award
  11. The Ipswich Award for Most Over-Achieving Team
  12. The Harry Kewell Award for Player That Should Stay Injured Forever
  13. The Juan Veron Award for Biggest Waste of Money
  14. The Stupidest Goal Award
  15. The Djibril Cisse Award for Most Horrific Injury
  16. The Peter Crouch Award for Best Impersonation of a Goal Post
  17. The Richardson award for Worst player for England this season
  18. The Best Excuse for Defeat
  19. The Michael Owen Prize for the player that moves to another club, in the same season his former club makes it to the Champions League final
  20. The "I'm The Man" Trophy for the single most influential individual act that pretty much decides the result of a match

Feel free to add your own categories and awards as well... heh heh.

See, we at Hantu Bola vely democracy wan right???? Marilah mari! Kita mengundi!

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