May 23, 2007

Pre-Final Wishlist

Yo Rafa,

Tonight's the Champion's League final between Liverpool and those wounded and hungry for revenge Italians. Here's my wishlist:
  1. No matter how 'fit' he is, PLEASE don't start Kenevergetwell, unless you want to have to substitute him at the 20th minute again.
  2. PLEASE don't start Crouch and play the long ball.
  3. PLEASE leave Bozo out of the team, because he does fuck all for the team
  4. PLEASE get someone to MANMARK Kaka, because if you can keep him quiet half the game is won.
  5. The other half is to keep that raving lunatic Gattuso from trying to turn all our players into Paralympians.
  6. PLEASE don't try to play for penalties. Not only will it be a fucked up game then, I also don't think my heart can take another high stakes penalty shootout.
Now, someone please get me a plane ticket to fly Korea NOW so I can try replicate the conditions in which I saw the 2005 final (hopefully this time it will be without the whole conceding-three-goals-in-the-first-half part, of course).

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