May 24, 2007

I Should Have Gone To Korea

Yo Rafa,

You know why we lost when Milan were just there for the taking? Here's why:

1) Two words: BOZO LENDEN. The FUCKING IJIT was fucking useless the entire game. EVERY TIME he got the ball, he promptly lost it by knocking it so far ahead of himself that he could not keep up with it, or lobbing a cross over the goal line.

2) One word: STRIKERS. Oh we had a lot of passes. We had a lot of crosses. Unfortunately, many of those crosses came from KUYT, our supposed lone striker who is supposed to be IN THE FUCKING PENALTY WAITING FOR CROSSES and not having to track back to get the ball because some fucking BOZO kept losing the FUCKING BALL.

3) NOT taking our chances. We had FIVE shots on goal in the first half alone, but nothing came of them. Milan had only less then THREE shots on target the entire game, and scored two goals. We really do need a real, good quality striker who will just STAY IN THE FUCKING BOX and SCORE GOALS.

4) Taking out Mascherano was a fucking mistake. Once he was off, Kaka had a lot more freedom to play. YES, that pass to Inzaghi was fucking brilliant but it would not have been allowed to be played in the first place if Mascherano had been on the field and snapping at Kaka's heels.

5) Not putting Crouch in early enough. I told you DON'T START HIM, not DON'T PLAY HIM. He does make a difference when we need to change the game, and the goal we got was proof of that.

The way they were playing in the first half, I was already predicting halfway through the game to Sicko that if they don't score in the first half, we'd be fucked. And lo and behold, their goal came.

But hey, at least we gave them a fight. It wasn't a one-sided affair like some people so happily predicted. In fact, we definitely played well, and Milan was on the ropes most of the time - their defence was all over the place in the first half, Gattuso was crap, Kaka was damn bloody scared of Mascherano, and Inzaghi practically didn't touch the ball the entire game except when he scored the goals.

And hey, at least we didn't roll over and take three in the ass like some teams did when they played Milan, eh?

But fuck, Liverpool had the game and they blew it by not taking their chances, and letting in two sucker punch goals.

Oh well, what's that they always say? Oh yeah: There's Always Next Season.

And next season, WHEN we get into the Champion's League Final AGAIN, I'm fucking flying to Korea.

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