May 05, 2007

Cheer Up

Even though Manyoo won a messy game which all but clinched the title, I have decided to wave the peace least for the next few hours till the Chelsea game.

In the news today:

Premier League set to sue YouTube

Funny buggers, YouTube.

I mean, these days it is probably the second best site in the world (this is the best, of course). It is entertaining, and even on its off days, it can entertain you to a certain extent. That is for the neutrals of course. And the two bloody nerds who thought up such a no-brainer in their house garage or some place.

But that's where the fun stops. Besides its creators, shareholders and the neutrals who find it fun, slowly but surely it starts to piss people off. Say, for is fun until someone posts a home made porno of you taking it up the ass. Or if you are a big cheese in the music industry. Or the TV industry. Heck, even the Thai government has banned it.

See, it entertains you, until you turn into the victim of that entertainment. Then you start to boo and hiss at it, even though it has been nothing but awesome. And, ALL THAT HYPE! Us being a football blog talking about YouTube is hype enough, and for some reason people don't like hype even though it is justified most of the time.

But never mind if you didn't get my message.

I'll say it in footballing terms which you might actually understand. I actually meant to say was..

If you look at YouTube, the football equivalent would be Cristiano Ronaldo.

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