May 05, 2007

Obviously, this post was gonna come sooner or later.

The number of shit spawned in this blog over the past two days were amazing. I mean, it was like anyone who supported an awesome team like Man Utd is a gloater, glory hunter and whiny sore loser.

I'll give you that. And I am happy to admit it. As pointed out time and time again, EVERYONE gloats and EVERYONE hunts for glory. Anyone who watches their team lose would be sore about it for whatever reason, so there. I mean, it is also the same for the ABUs, when they disband and go and support their individual teams they were supposed to support in the first place.

And this is where I point out the hypocrisy. Some scouse scum claim they are much better than Man Utd fans cause they are still in the Champions League (note: their team may yet not win at all and suffer complete humiliation at the feet of Gattuso). Some idiots then go on and call Man Utd a 'Jaguh Kampung' team, completely ignoring the fact the Scouse Scum constantly commit B&E through the Champions League back door (i.e. 3rd or 4th place, their only target in the league for years to come). Some dimwits then go one to say that European glory is much more important than the bread and butter of the domestic league.

As we all know, Scousers mudah lupa.
And we know that is in their blood. And we know they can count titles and claim their loyalty to their small club. But they do tend to live in their history. Along with always trying to lie to themselves on being on the moral high ground. Thus, it is our duty as Man Utd fans to shoot them from the moral high ground.

As you can agree with me, finding a morally correct scouser is akin to spotting Barney surfing the waves.

Lest we not forget, Man Utd compete in 3 different competitions. Not just one. And being knocked out of a semi-final is more respectable than losing to a reserve and kiddies team in TWO domestic league competitions. You would have thought that some 'big' team having 5 European Cups would have been able to prioritize eh? Too bad, their manager is a nutjob who loves rotating policies. No wonder they were fresh all season, since their league campaign ended LAST October.

Also, as a bonus, who else but Man Utd can win grueling matches like this one?


That's just right indeed.

p.s. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's match. Go Arsenal!

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