November 25, 2006

Hantu Bola Turns ONE!

Exactly one year ago, a Liverpool fan sent out two emails, one to a Manyoo fan, the other to a Chelski fan, asking them to join some irreverant footie blog where anything goes.

The result was THIS:

Welcome to Petaling Street Hooligans

Later, vincent came up with this famous logo:

And the rest is history.

Tomorrow, When Manyoo meet Chelski at Old Trafficjam, it will officially be Hantu Bola's FIRST ANNIVERSARY.

Not bad for a silly football blog huh?

Oh, and er... does anyone have any idea how one celebrates these one year thingies?

PS: We wanted to do something for the match AND anniversary, but somehow, I completely forogt about it, plus Vincent got stuck in Hicksville, so nothign materialised. Oh well. I'm too broke to go out and get drunk over a Manyoo-Chelski game anyway... :D:D

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