November 14, 2006

You can never trust a salesgirl at Nike.

I happened to be at Damansara Cineleisure the other day. Seeing there was a Nike outlet at the ground floor, I thought I would try my luck and find out if the store has a Man Utd Polo Tee available, and in the process end a run of 6 failed attempts trying to find such a rare item of clothing around Nike stores in Klang Valley. As I entered, a young lady salesperson approached me....

Salesgirl : Hello sir! Can I help you?

Din : Ah, yes. Do you happen to have any Polo T-shirts of Manchester United?

Salesgirl : Oh, sorry sir, out of stock aledi....

Din : Oh, nevermind then....

At this point of time, I registered in my mind the 7th failed attempt for me to get my desired MU sportswear. But the salesgirl, without even batting an eyelid, quite confidently asked me something so revolting, so incredulous, berdosa!

Salesgirl : .... would you like an Arsenal T-shirt instead?

Din : *heart attack*

You wouldn't want to know what I did after that. You wouldn't be too pleased.

Lesson learnt on that fateful day : Females still have a long way to go in learning about football, especially the EPL. And I need to control my temper.

The End.

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