November 13, 2006

Bozo Lenden

Yo Rafa,

The way I see it, you've got enough players for two teams right now. One team, the first team, should be kept for Champion's League games THAT MATTER, Premiership games (especialy hte away ones), and FA Cup ties against the Premiership opposition. Oh, and Finals too, if you ever get into another one again.

THE OTHER team, consists of players who should play the Mickey Mouse matches against the likes of Southend and inconsequential Champion's League group games. IMHO, THIS team, of which the players should preferably NOT be allowed to play in the team that I refered to as 'The First Team'. It consists of the following players:
  • Bozo Lenden (nuff said)
  • Unspeedy Gonzales (a lesser Luis Garcia and that's not saying much)
  • Peter Crotch (So inconsequential that no one bothers marking him)
  • Semi Hyypia (getting a little too slow for my liking)
  • Right-Wing Gerrard (as opposed to Centre Gerrard)
  • Assorted fringe players
Now, can you stop all this Bozo nonsense and put Stevie back in the middle?

PS: You really should start playing Football Manager, Rafa. It really teaches you stuff like how wingers are not meant for the centre of midfield...

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