November 28, 2006

The Great Italian Love Fest

Another year on and Thierry Henry yet again misses out on the Ballon d'Or, losing out to Fabio Canninavaro and Gigi Buffon.

You might think I'm being biased but, logically, would a school give the Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang if they knew he cheated in his exams? Ok fine, the Juve players were probably oblivious to the cheating, but the fact is whatever achivements they and Cannavaro managed in that year was more than likely influenced by corrupt refereeing.
  • So he won the World Cup - But Henry was there too and played a vital role for France before losing out on penalties.
  • So he won the Serie A - But that was stripped off whereas Henry carried the whole young Arsenal team on his back and dragged them up to 4th in his first year as captain.
  • So he reached the finals quarter finals of the Champs League - Ok this is laughable because his team was knocked out by Arsenal (and Henry scored against them, btw), who came within 15 minutes of lifting the trophy itself.

UEFA really f**ked up on this one. I mean, heck they even gave Michael Owen this award before, so that shows your how much they know.

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