November 01, 2006

It's Hard to Hate Someone...

...who comes up with quotes like these:

"Places like this are the soul of English football. The crowd is magnificent, saying '**** off Mourinho' and so on." - bless those Sheffield united fans (BBC Online)

"In the first leg we played Barcelona without two goalkeepers and now we may have to play them without two strikers. But it's OK, I take the bus. Only defenders and midfield players and I take the bus." - HUH???? (BBC Online)

"It's not easy for the referee to be always under pressure from the players, turning round and rolling on the pitch." - the referee must have been having a lot of fun... (Football 365)

"There are three great teams and one team who looks like they cannot make any points. When everybody gets six points against Levski [Sofia], it makes the group more difficult." - Poor Levski Sofia (Football 365)

"I spoke to him. I was speaking English and then changed to French on purpose and he changed with me at the same time." - one more knock on the head and Cech'll be speaking Russian or Chinese instead! (BBC Online)

'It was a yellow card for Lamps and it was always a yellow card for Lamps." - yeah, and the referee seemed pretty gleeful when he was giving it (Soccernet):

(picture of gleeful yellow giving ref from BBC Online)

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