November 26, 2005

Welcome to Petaling Street Hooligans

Welcome to Petaling Street Hooligans.

We started this blog because we thought there is no proper football fan blogs in the Malaysian blogosphere. By 'proper', we mean all the good and honest SWEARING and REFEREE KAYU and VAN NISTELROOY SUCKS and all that SWEARING that we usually hear when a group of football fans get together.

Sure, there're lots of footy blogs out there as well, that try to give proper analysis about games, and how they worship all those teams and players yada yada yada.

We say, SCREW THAT. No mr nice guys here. If a player plays crap, we SAY he plays like FUCKING CRAP. None of all that 'Oh, he's just off form", "he'll score sooner or later' shit. If Peter Crouch can't score, I'll bloody say HIS FINISHING SUCKS ASS and that CISSE should play more.

THIS blog is where we RANT instead of ANALYSE stuff, naming it Petaling Street Hooligans after that movie Green Street Hooligans. THIS IS WHERE THE REAL FOOTY FANS HANG OUT.

Hello, there, my name is eyeris. I'm a Liverpool fan. There's also gonna be a die-hard Manyoo fan, and a Chelsea fan contributing to this blog. If you'd like to join in, send me and email at, and I'll TEST you to see if you're hard-core enuff to join this band of hooligans.

Now, lets get down to business. As an intro, here is a brief list of footballers I can't fucking stand the sight of:
  • Gary Neville - Can't stand his face. That's about it. He's the best volleyball player on a football pitch though.
  • Christiano Ronaldo - the bloody idiot looks like he's gonna cry everytime he gets fouled. And he DIVES. Don't tell me he doesn't. He fucking DIVES.
  • Ruud Van Nistelrooy - looks like a horse, dives like an Olympic showhorse.
  • Rio Ferdinand - The most overpaid clown in England. Can't take a piss to save his life (or career, for THAT matter)
  • Alan Shearer - Damn good goal-scorer, damn fucking ANNOYING goal celebration
  • Ronaldo - bloody fat over-hyped chipmunk
  • Alex Ferguson - Just retire already, you old git.
  • Sepp Blatter - Take your hare-brained ideas and go govern ping-pong or something.
Oh yeah, I HATE Manchester United. Can you tell?


skipper37 said...

HAHAHAH. Blardy Liver fan Eyeris is writing PROPER football stuff now, eh. ;)

sashi said...

I would join you, but I think you have already the Liverpool angle taken care off. :)

p.s. i think BOTH crouch and cisse should be looking for new gigs next summer. cisse was hopeless against man city - although in his defence, so was everyone else in the entire stadium.

Lord Vendetta said...

Crouch was bought for diferrent purpose (tho scoring goals is one of the important ones) and he played well agst ManC, working hard all the time.

Cisse only has speed, i agree with Sashi he shld be out.

and the conduct of a small group of ManC fans during the 1 minute silent prayer for Georgie absolutely shocked me, he shld be remembered as a great player, as much as I dislike Manure, he shld hv been given the respect he well deserved.


PS : Can somebody tell me why Traore got his contract extended? WTF was on Rafa's mind ??

Yng Lyn said...


especially SEPP BLATTER.. pwhaorrrrrrrr... i want to see him play PING PONG MUAHAHAHAHAAH

good good.. I love this site.

Ghost Hack said...

Can somebody tell Ronaldo that he can stop stepping over and pass the ball already?

But I celebrate hard each time Manure lose, even though I don't even watch any game. The news of it and face of their fans gets me going every time.

ykay said...

stumbled onto this site via vincent's blog...since this is the place where we can thrash talk,here's my conntribution...
1.cisse's hairstyle n hair colour makes even the lala chais in jinjang green with envy
2.peter crouch cant score a goal,may i suggest yao ming since rafa's pretty fond of tall guys
3.kewell should stop the crap of trying to be a samurai with that ponytail and concentrate on football
4.henry is an arrogant SOB,reyes whines like a ninny
5.pires dives too,so does owen and almost everybody in the EPL not named Roman Abramovich
6.i'm a united fan...of the red variety

i'm out,like roy keane got sacked by SAF