November 23, 2006

karmic balance

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that most of us sports fans are pretty huge on this superstition thingy. I hardly ever predict scores to games, and I am certainly hugely afraid of this karma thingy.

Let's make things clear and simple.

1) Manyoo's squad is NOT strong enough to win the league. Our first team is - but not the squad. It certainly doesn't take a monkey to figure that out. And so, if we are going to have any chance of winning the league, we are going to need all the luck in the world and not get any injuries than we already have (Solskjaer and Park). Hence, it would be in our best interests to play as little games as possible to lower the risk of injuries.

2) Last season, we fucked up in the Champions League. There is nothing to argue there. This season though, we have been extremely unlucky in the last two games. Both were games we fucking dominated. Both were games in which the HOME team sat back and defended. Both were games in which they scored LATE goals. Last night, Celtic scored from a free kick in which they won with a dive (of course, the evil British press never highlighted that). On any other night this season, Saha would have scored two goals.

I was fucking pissed and the last time I felt as cheated was when Arsenal won the FA Robbery Cup Finals in 2005. Still, I am willing to trade all that shitty luck for good luck in the league. Screw the Champions League.

This is my pact with Karma.

Awesome luck in the league (and winning it of course) with a first round exit in the Champions League this year.

That is all I am asking for.

I heard the other day of a similar pact a Scouser made with Karma. The fluke Champions League victory in exchange for 10 years of mediocrity. Well, you got your wish, so now you have to keep your end of the deal.

That's 10 years of Peter Crouch in a Liverpool jersey, you know.

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