November 09, 2006

Of Shites and Cheats

This... is a muppet. We all know that. After the rubbish performance in the Chelsea game, he gave an even rubbish-er one last night in the Man U-I Mean-Mickey Mouse Cup.

But to be fair, his performance for the Everton vs Arsenal match is just based on match reports due to Astro's continuous love affair with Liverpool... Or as one of the clerks in my office calls them, Liverful...

But anyway... Back to the match... Apparently few glaring penalties were missed, questionable calls, controversial red card... Nothing new with Ol' Polly...

Nevertheless, Everton protested the sending off with this: -

McFadden said: 'I ran past the referee and turned and said, `that was f****** s****.' I did not call him a cheat.'

Perhaps being labelled "shite" is less severe then "cheat" and thus does not warrant a red card eh?

But there's no doubting Poll is both a cheat... and pretty shitey...

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