November 16, 2006

Oh Delusional Me!

Hmmm. Din's comment here got me thinking. He said that we're being "delusional liverpool fans who cook up stuff about their club being a 'great' club who are going to win the league."

Well of COURSE we're delusional. Which fan wouldn't want their team to win the league? well duh. Even Forest Green fans dream about THEIR team one day winning the Premiership title right? Ok, maybe not.

But anyway, to tell the truth, I'm not really THAT bothered at all. we're not a great club mar. After all, it's been 16 years since our last league title, and last i checked, I think we ONLY had 18 titles. So few titles only lar. sien. How to be a 'great club' liddat? haiyor.

Anyway, seeing as Chelsea are still some way off from the 18 title record (and have so few fans that no one really notices anyway), and the mancs have to win maybe three or four times more to surpass it (provided someone else doesn't win it), I reckon all we need is ONE win in the next... maybe three or four years... and that should shut the Mancs up for good.

May not be this year or the next, but heck, I'm not in a hurry. After all, it's been 16 years since we won the title, so we're used to waiting. And while we're waiting, it's fun to see them winning itty-bitty stuff like the Champion's League as well, so it's not been THAT boring.

Besides, Just like Din is so 'passionate' about his Men.United, I am also quietly confident that Liverpool's time shall come, and we shall GET that one title to shut the Mancs up for good. at least until after the next ten years without another title, that is...

Anyway, for now, I shall bide my time, and let the Men.United folk continue having their time in the sun. doo di doo...

Yeah, I'm so delusional. Can you tell?

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