November 05, 2006

Next Time, Throw it Like Jamie!

Yesterday, during the Fulham-Everton match, Claus Jensen scored a deflected goal that Fat Lamb would be proud of. after that, he was taking a corner when SUDDENLY a METEOR the size of a COIN came flying down from the stands and hit him in the head!

Tsk tsk, those Everton fans so violent wan. No wonder last time Jamie Carragher also like to throw coins lar.

So of course lar Chris Coleman damn angry. Where got people play at home and kena coin from other people's supporter wan. He wagged his finger at BBC Online and said, "I hope the offender is identified. It was a coward who threw the coin. Send him to prison or somewhere away from football." (BBC Online)

Oh, but wait, apparently David Moyes says it MAY NOT have been an Everton fan who threw to coin!!!

(BBC Online:)
Everton boss David Moyes echoed Coleman's sentiments but said: "It's unsavoury when that happens but behind that goal were mixed fans."

Moyes insisted it had not been proven that it was an Everton fan who threw the coin at Jensen.

The Everton boss said: "You have to accept there is as much chance of it being a Fulham supporter. He could have been aiming somewhere else. It could have been another player he was trying to hit."

Oh yes, right. Claus Jensen was standing at the CORNER FLAG when he got hit by the coin. the Everton players were DEFENDING THEIR GOAL. There was NO ONE near Jensen at the time, besides the Linesman.

That means.... if we go by Moyes' explaination... then some Fulham dude could have been damn pissed off at the LINESMAN (maybe he slept with his wife or something), and in a moment of madness, decided to throw a coin at the linesman, but MISSED and hit Jensen right in the head instead.

OR, maybe the idiot was aiming at some Everton player nearer the goal, but just as he was about to throw the coin, the hot dog guy must have jostled his arm, and he ended up throwing the coin in the OPPOSITE direction instead.

In that case, the thrower really SHOULD be banned, not because of his violent action, but because he is such a lousy shot, and thus, an embarassment to all football fans all over the world.

Next time, learn from the best, like Jamie Carragher, who knew EXACTLY which stadium of Arsenal supporters he was throwing the coin back at....

(Carra: But I was just SHOWING them how to do it properly!)

PS: In other news, I vote KUYT for the vacant BOD post!!!

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