September 19, 2006

A Tale of Two One-Nils

Call me over-optimistic if you want, but I was actually not too disappointed with the loss.

Of course, the thought of Tigerjoe gyrating his hips to that Drogba 1-0 Liverpool win certainly grates on the nerves, but then again, I actually thought that Liverpool played pretty well. In fact, it was the best they've played in the past few games.

It's that whole bloody Liverpool striker syndrome again. Fucking hell, EVERY TIME we buy a 'prolific striker' he becomes non-prolific. Look at bloody morientes. fucker couldn't hit the side of a gudang door when he was with Liverpool, now he's back in sunny Spain suddenly can score like machine gun. Bah.

Anyway, Agger-Carragher is definitely our best defense right now. Hyypia is getting old lar, cannot move fast oledi. Midfield wise, I don't know about Gerrard playing in the left, but otherwise, the Sissoko, Alonso, Gerrard and Pennant midfield was quite solid, actually. Who're our left wingers again? Oh yeah. Harry Kenotgetwell, Mark Gonzales and Riise.

Anyway, I'm not THAT unhappy with the result. Sure, the bloody strikers still can't score, but it's an away game. we've been playing away in the league for the past three game, so the Comedy Club can expect a much 'better' welcome at Anfield tomorrow...

So yeah, I'm still pretty upbeat about the team, especially what I saw during last weekend's match (Bloody Crouch non-withstanding).

We lost to one bloody brilliant goal, that's all.

Heck, it's better than losing your four game PROUD 100% unbeaten streak to an Henry-less Arsenal that had not had a SINGLE WIN so far in the league. And AT HOME at that. Doi Doi Christina had a really brilliant game, didn't he? Best Doi-Doi performance I've seen so far. Whoops indeed.

Sure, in the end it's still scant consolation, considering we still FUCKING LOST even though we played well, but heck, things could be worse right? After all, losing to a brilliant goal away is marginally better than losing the game AT HOME to a late sucker punch goal by a stupid fella called ADEBAYOR...

Now that's REALLY gotta suck.

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