September 18, 2006

Conversation During the Man U vs Arsenal Game

Naz : #%&$!!! Clear the freaking corners lah!! Take the &^#$%@* chances and score lah!!
Skay : Is there something wrong with Adebayor's legs? He keeps losing the ball!
Naz : OMG!!! Fabregas keeps losing the ball!! He's having a shitty game!!
Skay : He only gave it away once lah. Adebayor has been giving it away non-stop!
Naz : But he's a lone striker, he's bound to lose the ball and at least its not a dangerous area.
Skay : Still... he's stupid.

* Adebayor loses ball after a promising build-up...

Naz : %@#$*!!! STUPID ADEBAYOR!!! STUPID SHIT $@#$!!!!
Skay : Told you he's stupid...
Naz : But what if later he scores...?

* 86th minute - Fabregas wins the ball from Ronaldo, gets lucky with a rebound off a Man U defender, slots a beautiful through pass to Adebayor, and he puts it in the net.

Skay : And Fabregas assissted... (oklah she didn't say this coz she went home already at this point)

One nil to the Arsenal!!! Our first win of the year and it was great to have it at Old Trafford!!
(p/s: When we beat Man U at Old Trafford, we've won the title)

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