September 10, 2006

Bring Traore Back!

Rafa, Rafa, Rafa….tsk…tsk… tsk…It’s all your fault!

You hafta bring Traore back.


I’m not kidding.

Everyone and their dog know Traore was the biggest gobshite ever to wear the red jersey.

Hence, Traore was a threat. A huge threat!

In fact, you could say Traore used to be our Fear Factor.

See, this is how it used to work.

When Rafa put Traore on the bench, players get scared.

Extremely scared.

Just the sight of Traore lurking on the bench, ready to take over your place, would make even a lazy player plays harder.

Now, if they are still slacking, all Rafa had to do was make Traore go and warm up

This would put the fear of god on any players and push them to the edge, make them give the best performance of their life.

Cause no one, but no one, wanted to be substituted for Traore.

Cause you know if you were to be substituted for Traore, you are an even bigger gobshite! Your humiliation would be complete.

Take the Liv vs Everton match.

Without the sight of Traore on the bench, our boys are becoming too blasé. The Fear Factor is gone.

Bring Traore back!

While we are at it. Get Dudek in again.

Reina is a pepet who should go join Barthez at whatever circus he is now.


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