September 10, 2006


The best word to describe some of the clubs' results this latest EPL weekend.

One club is still winless this season. Whoops!
(Somebody who is long-winded said he is not unconcerned about their worst start in the Premiership)

One club got humiliated in a local derby. Whoops!
(Somegay conceded that they made mistakes, too many mistakes, but they paid for them anyway)

One club imploded; they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Whoops!
(Somebody who is generous said they gifted the opposition the game. Christmas must have come early).

However, one club had a different word to describe their performances so far. A club with the only 100% record to date. Many other people decided the gaffer and legendary winger were the best manager and player in August. WOW!

Let's see if we can repeat the feat in September.

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