September 24, 2006


Dear Fergie,

Last season I laughed at Arsenal and Arsene for being stupid. For the last 4 games, you have been trying to do the same damn thing - being tactically inept. Look, wings are fucking useful things. Every goddamn thing uses wings.

Animals use wings.

Real men use wings.
Red Wings - the most awesome boots in the world

And fuck, even women use wings..


When you play against Mickey Mouse teams who pile 6 people in the penalty box, you CAN'T FUCKING go through the middle and expect to get a result! Everytime Rooney tried to do something in the box, he got barged down by 4 fucking defenders..


Yes, yes its fun to watch Scholes, Rooney and Ronaldo play neat little one-twos. BUT it is NOT fun watching them get bundled off the ball trying to play sexy football. We scored 5 goals against Fulham playing from the wing, do the same fucking thing, can??

Contrary to what the scum like to think, Gary Neville is the fucking best crosser of the ball coming from right back. USE the fucking crosses, can?!?

And oh, like Din says, get rid of that fucking Kieran Richardson. Half a good season playing for West Bromich Albion does not make you a quality player. Fletcher I can accept. O'Shea I can accept. Just get rid of Kieran...

Thank you.

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